march madness

all photos taken with a fuifilm x30

tie dye tank: american eagle
leather jacket: selfridges

Today, in the name of spring break insanity, Maia, I, and my newly pierced nose (more about that later) got on a 6am bus. This bus, which necessitated both of us waking up earlier than we ever do for school, took us on a very bumpy trip to San Francisco. We had this wild idea that it'd be fun to take a day off and wander, so wander we did. For ten and a half miles.

That's not a typo. According to various step counting bands and apps and whatnot, we managed a whopping 10.5 miles up and down the hills of the city, and that was on only like three cups of coffee. It's truly amazing what the human body can do when motivated by food and shopping possibilities.

We don't live far from SF, so this wasn't a completely one-off experience for us, but it was fun to just explore. Sometimes when you visit a place too much, you forget to take time out and see new parts of it, or just slow down and enjoy them. By foot. In direct sunlight. For nine hours.

So here's what happened:

* A cappuccino at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, where I definitely abandoned Maia to order because I was not cool enough to talk to the barista's.

* A solid ramble round Chinatown, where we picked up lotus cakes and sesame balls at the Eastern Bakery. (10/10 would recommend) We also snagged a couple of those "The City" sweatshirts that are hand-woven by Steph Curry out of the magic he uses to shoot 3-pointers.

* A clam chowder bread bowl at Boudin's bistro because A. I am always ALWAYS hungry, and B. if you come to SF and do not eat Boudin's sourdough at least once, your entire trip was pointless.

* Flower (And clothing. And coffee. And LUSH.) shopping in Union Square, because fresh flowers make everything brighter and also ~aesthetic~.

* A gorgeous sunset out the window of the bus I was on illegally, as technically my return ticket was for the next day. Oops. There was a gorgeous sunrise out that window as well, but I was half asleep and couldn't be bothered to get the camera out.

The best part about the fashion scene in SF is that you will have a very difficult time telling the hipsters from the homeless. The secret is in the conversational topics - if it isn't The Life of Pablo or the possibility of joining someone's friends start-up, 

they're not a hipster.

x J

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  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Looks like a lovely day! Wish I could hop on a bus to SF right now!


  3. Wonderful post, the food looks delicious

    Hugs from Hayley xx

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