who's that girl?

"The minute that you open Justina’s blog..... you’ll want to be friends with her. She’s got her priorities straight: beautiful clothing, a love of Mean Girls, and a dedication to sunshine. "
- Buzzfeed

Welcome to the party.
We don't have any snacks, but there's some pretty good stuff here that sort of makes up for that.

My name is Justina, and I'm the 19 year old selfie queen behind this little piece of the internet. The technical term for that is "fashion + entertainment + lifestyle blogger + influencer", but that's a mouthful, and you can just use my name. I write about pretty clothes, cool places to have adventures, good music and talented people who are willing to put up with my millions of questions. I'm from the land of the palm tree, and if you don't know where that is you'll figure it out soon just from my excessive use of "like".

I've worked with major brands from TOMS to American Eagle to Fujifilm, and talked to a lot at places like NPR, Teen Vogue, Bloomberg and more. To see some press bits, click here or if you want to request my media kit, say hi, or ask me about the proper care and handling of overalls, click here.

 If you really just wanted to know why the header says what it does, click here.

Stick around, 
this should be good.

x Justina


  1. Omg I saw in teen vogue's January issue! that was pretty exciting.

  2. i saw you in teen vogue, favourite fashion blog!

  3. I was reading Teen Vogue & found your blog <3 my social media life is now complete

  4. I saw you in Teen Vogue and really admire your audacity to speak your mind and be who you want to be. I started my own blog and look to yours for inspiration. I LOOOOOVVVEE your blog!

  5. Saw this in Teen Vogue haha like everyone else but I actually LOVE you and your blog and you hair and your style and your life and your everything xx (:

  6. hmmm... i'm not really into fasion, but ur blog is pretty cool! we had to read that article in CHOICES for health class, and i decided to check this place out! love ur sense of humor!

  7. Saw you in Teen Vogue, and decided to go and check you out.... that was in January and I still check your blog. Honestly the best decision I've ever made.

  8. Just caught your piece on Fox40 morning news. Congrats! Great to see articulate, passionate young people here in northern CA. wishing you nothing but great success in the future.

  9. OMG you were a camp leader at my camp this week lol remember me twerk on lol

  10. i'm using your blog as a reference for my research paper btw thx

  11. Omg you're so pretty! I love your hairrr, I wish I could just leave my hair out and curly like yours, but it always ends up tangled up and horrible :( Oh, well. Love your blog! Your posts are super interesting and I love the way you write :D

    O | The Fashion Geek

  12. blogspot? omg how does that work

  13. Your pictures are beautiful! I also like your popular essay on homeschooling as a teenager.
    My blog is estherwroth.webs.com, but it's not nearly as amazing as yours.
    I love how abnormal and whimsical your blog is and how you have strange references to everything hidden all over the place :D


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