farm mom

jeans: american eagle
shirt: h&m
shoes: moheda toffeln
bag: toms

Please, ONE more person greet me with some variation of "oh there's a little hole in your pants". It's hilarious. Really. It is.

Over the years, I've definitely been heavily impacted style-wise by my work in 4-H. Don't get me wrong, most days I'm ~hella punk rock~ but every once in a while, you'll get a ranch mom day and I commit. The loose bun, the leather accessories, the practical shirt. Although not immediately apparent, these jeans worked in perfectly. Their cut is definitely a bit looser than my regular look but they sit nicely, and despite missing a solid chunk in the middle, they've got a cute figure. I'm also not as bothered by their utter destruction as I thought I'd be. It seemed like something that was going to be hard to dress up as what my mother refers to "acceptable in public", but their structure saves them.

A quality white button down is a basic staple everyone should have. Fourteen button downs is an obsession only I have. In my never-ending quest to clear out my black h-, uh, closet, I've realized that I basically wear the same four outfits in varying colors. It's interesting that I'm becoming one of Those Fashion People whose style can be summed up in a twelve slide post on Refinery29. I think it creates a unique challenge: I'm whittling down to my capsule wardrobe, but still want to keep it original every day. Or at least on the days I don't have class. All two of those.

We shot these photos on Monday, and it was both raining and blindingly sunny, because California does what it wants. It also rains on my camera and makes my outfit photos not-so-strategically blurry.

PSA: if you blindly shove your foot into your jeans at 5am, and they have holes this big in them, there's a solid chance that you will just stick your whole leg through.

x J

ps. March is over today? lol 2016 u wild 

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