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First of all, it's festival season, so here's a quick reminder:

But with that said you can always find a new song by asking that one friend who swears they're the next Alesso. You can also drop a line in the DM's of your local friendly fashion blogger, asking the name of the song she WOULD insist on lip-syncing into your brain via snapchat. She can always pick a hit. Or at least something with easily memorized bars.

1. Don't Let Me Down // The Chainsmokers
No shame in my game, I've been bandwagoning The Chainsmokers since the Selfie days, and this beat is LIT.

2. Die a Happy Man // Nelly (But actually Thomas Rhett??)
Honestly was sO confused by this. Like Nelly? WYD? Country music? But it's so good. Nelly brings the R&B that the sweet country lyrics needed.

3. Team // Iggy Azalea
I was an Iggy stan for so long, but after Fancy, that train took a sharp turn into culturally appropriative basketball wife crazy-town. With this song, she is finally getting back into what made me love her in the first place.

4. Rise Up // Andra Day
Everything about Andra Day makes me feel uplifted and like I should try a little harder with my hair. For best listening, put this in a playlist with anything by John Legend and slowly apply smooth eyeliner.

5. Hands to Myself // Selena Gomez
I never watched the Wizards Of Waverly place, so this wasn't a Miley-esque rebranding for me. It was just Selena making the music I didn't know I really wanted from her.

6. Of All Things, Order More, You Got Me, Calm Down, just basically the whole thing // G-Eazy
My love for Gerald Earl Gillum is well documented both here on the blog and in my bank account. This album didn't change a thing.

7. YOUTH // Troye Sivan
I would like to run away with Troye Sivan and just listen to him transform standard elevator musak into glorious low-key EDM with stunning lyrics.

8. Oui // Jeremiah
I have so many questions for Jeremih. Why does he spell his name like that? Does he speak French? Does he come up with his own wordplay?

9. Sound Of Your Heart // Shawn Hook
Solid recommendation by Pandora on this one. There's nothing I love more than a British boy professing his love using a short sequence of non-specific anecdotes.

10. You Don't Own Me // Grace feat. G-Eazy
This song has classic G-Eazy markings all over it, but needed Grace's soaring voice to pull the whole act together.

11. i hate u i love u // Gnash
I don't even really know what this song is, but I like how it feels.

12. Crooked Smile // J Cole
I KNOW it's OLD but it's also J. Cole which means it's a classic and can be revised at any point for instant ~feels~.

Et voila, you are now all set for jamming out alone in your room while watching all the fun every single other person on the planet is having at Coachella.

x J

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