sun touched

romper: tobi
sneakers: converse
bralette: aerie
tote: little brick bookstore
sunnies: toms

It's getting to that point in the summ- wait, it's still spring? HAH, okay, whatever you say.

It's getting to that point in the spring where it's so disgustingly hot already that I'd prefer to not wear any clothes at all, but if I have to, they need to be light, flowy, and not touch my skin.

A romper seems OBVIOUS, but I'm 5'8 and most jumpsuits (dresses, swimsuits, shirts, all clothing in general) are made for people considerably shorter. The biggest bummer in the world is seeing a cute one piece and stepping in only to realize the collar is somewhere around the middle of my stomach. With that said, some creative layering can always add upper length.  My new Tobi romper is my favorite kind of simple, with a little bit of flair. It's also loose enough to work for any height. The Aerie bralette is an easy ~staple~, and takes this from a tragedy to a tall girl look. Plus, in the summer, bralettes > real bras any day.

I only realized this morning that I've worn my converse every day this week. I always had this lurking suspicion that they cut my legs off, but I'm dedicated to the high top aesthetic.

Today one of my professors started talking about finals and I was very suddenly brought to terms with the fact that the semester ends in a month, and then it's SUMMER. There's already so much on the books, it'll be interesting to see how it all works out. And what shade of dirt my converse will be once it settles.

x J

ps. because I'm a homie, I want to let you in on the secret of Tobi: they have all your faves (dresses rompers, skirts, sequins, cardigans, bodysuits, midi's, crop tops, etc) and ur first order is 50% off.  have fun with that. 

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