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all photos from my instalife, filtered through vsco cam 

You know when you do Buzzfeed quizzes and they ask you what your favorite social media platform is? I always answer instagram. (I also end up with "Rihanna" as the answer 8 times out of ten.) 

Instagram truly is my favorite, and not just because I have more friends there than I ever will in real life. It's because it, more than any other platform, truly shows me other people's worlds. I get to see lives I won't, or can't, lead, and places so far you're amazed they even uploaded. It's also placed me in a community of very insanely creative people, and all they art they produce with their lives. It's amazing what kind of adventures people can fit in a square.

With all that said, I wanted to introduce you all to some of the cool people that fill up the feed I'm incessantly refreshing. 

Nesrin - I'm just going to have no chill for one minute (hah): NESRINISSOCOOL. I wanted to be her internet homie for sO LONG and Liz made it happen.

Leo - Guys, I talk about Leo so much and we've never even gotten to meet in person. His life is insanely interesting. Even Miley Cyrus thinks so.

Liv - I don't even remember how I found her account but I'm glad I did because it's always good to have one future basketball wife in the squad.

Brianna - I am so obsessed with how gorgeous her entire life is, and how well she documents it.

Berna -  Bernaaaaaaaa. Berna is what I hope I am as an adult.

Jaime - I get to WORK with her. I'm never not excited about it. And her eyebrows.

Kat Marie - Her feed just gives me absolute aesthetic envy and I'm FINE with it.

Anders - This is what complete Scandinavian-themed mental peace looks like to me.

Ellie - MY BRITISH BABE. Ellie's feed is exactly Ellie and I love it almost as much as I love her.

Dylan - I really want him to be my friend because he does all of the cool stuff in the Bay aka land of the hyphey

There's honestly so many more. Just take a cruise through my inexcusably long following list. Instagram is all about introducing the new, the next. Things you didn't even know were happening, and the people experiencing it. There's also so many good selfies. So many. 

Leave your handle in the comments so I can stal-um, check out your feed.

x J

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  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Thank you my tiny queen! The hyperlink for my ig handle is misspelled though (it's @newphonewhothis). Love you!!

  4. I love ur blog, keep doing what your doing!

  5. I love your blog, keep doing what your doing!

  6. Just want to say that what you wrote, is legitimately, top 5 compliments of all time. Adulthood doesn't have to be so adulty so I'm ENDLESSLY glad I'm getting that through to someone! Thank you for the lovely words, Justina.


  7. Gonna check these out!! Ok, my handle is @madisssooonnn
    I don't have any pics yet (I KNOW) but I just got back from a beautiful trip to New Zealand so I'll be uploading soon xx
    Followed you! You amazing human - I love your blog, and yesterday I saw someone walking around in that green shirt you wear and I got really excited for a sec haha.

    Madison xx

  8. Some of their feeds are so aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for this post.
    P.S. my instagram is totallytuba


  9. i'm totally loving your blog, style, insta feed, and EVERYTHING! also my instagram is @specialkthesoftballgirl


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