find me in your roses

dress: show me your mumu
shoes: converse
sunnies: the lazy ones
lack of muscle mass: blaming it on genetics

How many blog posts have I clandestinely shot in front of my neighbor's roses at this point? It has to have been at least four or five. With that said though, I don't think I've ever blended in white as well as I did this time.

Okay, so here's the whole story: I signed up for Mon-Wed 9am yoga because "it'll be nice to start my week with yoga" and  "that'll relax me". What I didn't think about was that I'd have to then wear my ~gross yoga clothes~ (super snazzy tanks and lululemon leggings) for the whole rest of the day. Sigh. So now I've come to the creative crossroad of finding outfits to change into, wanting to carry the least amount of excess weight possible, and needing to be able to put them on in a bathroom stall and not land in the toilet. I'm getting pretty good at it, and layering is my new best friend.

This outfit is the one that got the most compliments last week - my Show Me Your Mumu dress that survives wrinkles (and the bottom of my backpack) and the ultimate basic converse. The sunglasses were just a nice way to distract everyone from the fact that my eyeliner had gone from "Warrior 1" to "Downward dog"  very quickly. Here's the genius of this outfit though: everyone thought I was ~dressed~. I spent most of the day feeling like I got away with a massive heist.

Side note: yoga is GREAT. I'm not going to start hand-standing on cliff ledges or anything, but it really is a nice way to train your body. Especially when your body is the athletic equivalent of a brick.

And no, brothers, I have never landed in the toilet. Don't jinx it. 

x J

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  1. Lovely look dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. I love the dress and I agree with you about yoga - totally digging the yoga vibes lately even if I to am the althletic equivalent of brick! xx


  3. Haha. I'm thinking of starting Zumba...should I?

    Pretty dresses and pretty rose :')

    My blog: http://bymybedside.com
    Please check it out! THANKS A MILLION! I HOPE YOU GET GIVEN A FREE KITTEN TODAY! (you probably won't though)

  4. Sorry! Blogger question here! What camera do you use cause your pictures are gorgeous


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