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So, fun medical fact about Justina: I have plantar faciitis. (Not, in fact, planetary fascist, which is what I thought my chiropractor said the first time) Basically, long words short, it means that my feet hurt rather a lot fairly frequently in most shoes. It's made me very picky, and justified a lot of shoe shopping. Sneakers are the worst, because they're always really grossly stiff or just pointlessly thin. Like think about it, there's a reason your chiropractor isn't pushing Yeezy's. My Converse are ADORABLE but after like two hours I'm out. Basically, I didn't have crazy high expectations for this pair from TOMS, but they were cute and I'm a sucker for a cause. 

Here's a thing I swear I didn't get bribed to say: THESE SHOES ARE AN ACTUAL MIRACLE AND I NEED MAYBE SIX MORE PAIRS. Or least these snazzy suede ones. Beyond the fact that they're sporty enough to make me look like I know what I'm doing, (you all know better, don't you) they're just really comfortable. As previously stated a hundred thousand times, that's all I'm ever looking for anyway. If they had workable pockets I could probably just throw out half my wardrobe for them. They're so great, in fact, that I felt the need to give them their own blog post. Sneaks are also part of TOMS amazing one for one program, so another is getting some fresh kicks to live their life in too.

Side note: I definitely didn't think about the whole "sneakers in sand" thing until I tried to very carefully put these back in my rucksack - and dropped them in a drift that they were promptly covered by. So they're a bit gritty now, but that's FINE, it just adds to the experience.

But seriously, if you have a way to get sand out of shoes, slide into the DM's.

x J

ps. It's march? how? when? what?

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  1. Love this. Love the shoes and love your words. I'm glad your feet are far more comfortable, if that's not that weird. Also I feel you about March; why is this year going so damn fast?




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