willkommen zum deutschland

video filmed with fujifilm x30 

Look who made it across the planet in one piece. Ish. One suitcase, one carry on, one backpack, two MOPHIE recharges, a ten hour flight and nine hour time difference later, I am in the land of the pretzels. Because I do not believe in reasonable things like "resting up" and "adapting naturally",  I decided that I would not allow jet lag to touch me, and promptly began adventuring.

Here are some things I have learned in my first few days in Germany:

1. Everyone parks wherever they want, including on the actual sidewalk.

2. There is no such thing as an orderly city layout and you will get lost.


4. Aldi is what happens when target and Trader Joes have a baby and I've gone every single day

5. There are forests everywhere. Even in the middle of the city. #StadtWald

6. There are opportunities to eat everywhere, and you should accept them all.

7. You put change in shopping carts to make them go and it's genius.

8. Germans are obsessed with stairs, so no, there isn't an elevator.

9. It is not all dirndls and lederhosen - everyone dresses like they're in LA and I love it.

10. The only logical reason for Ueberraschungsei being banned in the US is that they're just too good and the government doesn't think the public can handle it.

The next three months are going to be crazy and great and I'm so excited that it's finally happening and YOU KNOW NOW. Seriously, not telling you guys was so stressful, a whole streak of my hair went *lowers voice*...straight.


PS. Do you live in Europe/did you visit somewhere cool/IS THERE SOMETHING IS SHOULD GO EAT?! Use the hashtag #JustinaInEurope on any social media so I can see - I'll be checking it regularly!

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  1. AHAHAHAH, you put pounds in shopping trolleys in England too and ALDI IS BAE. I don't go every day because I'm lazy but my mum pretty much does....SO THAT'S WHAT A TARGET IS THOUGH? I always thought I was missing out..have fun in Germany and I'M JEALOUS.
    P.S are you travelling alone? :O

  2. So so cool - Like the comment above, ALDI IS BAE ! And whaaat are Kinder suprise eggs really banned in America ? Ohmygod

  3. Killer music choice, you had me dancing while I cried because you're in Germany and I'm not. FYI we've got Aldi AND Ueberraschungsei in Australia, so you've got no excuse not to visit.


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