falling up stairs

shot with Fujifilm x30
(in order)
Me on a train / Nelly the Pug / my magic Fjallraven backpack on the train
 there are flowers everywhere / the new-old German opera house | me with no bobby pins (gasp)

I wish I could be more interesting right now, I really do. I mean, you'd think that plotting and executing a surprise ship-off to Europe for several months would be enough, but it's not. All I've done since I've gotten here is eat, drink coffee, eat cake (which is a totally different experience than just eat) and climbed approx. 802842093849 stairs. My butt is gonna look great. I'll be dead, but I'll have a great butt. 

Here is a thing they don't tell you about Europe: everything is cardio. Everything. You can't even get out of your building to go grocery shopping without climbing stairs, then jogging across a railroad crossing, then carrying all your groceries around because you don't have a car because nO ONE HAS A CAR, then hauling those groceries UP the 79 stairs (yes I counted) to your apartment. Then when you lay down, and make a joke about how the only cardio you do at home is sideways running (IT'S FUNNY RIGHT?!) everyone will stare at you blankly because Fat Amy humor didn't translate in Germany. 

Remember how I previously mentioned the obsession with rolled up jeans and sneakers? So I attempted to, for one day, go native. Here is what happened: I did not like it. That's all there is to that story. Don't conform to The Man. Or the European Teenage Girls. But I did leave the house with 0 bobby pins, which felt dangerous. 

I promise I will start doing cool stuff you guys care about soon. Until then, enjoy the pretty photos and the video (or just turn the video on and dance, that's fun too.)

PSA: do not, I repeat, do not dance on a train. You will fall, and someone will snapchat it.

x J

PS. A lot of you guys have, in previous posts, asked about the kind of gear I'm using on the trip. I got some detail shots in the vlog, but would you be interested in a full post about it all? Maybe a vlog?? There's some snazzy stuff.

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  1. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! <3

  2. Love these! I think it's really sad, though, that I can relate to the dancing on a train thing.


  3. These pictures are so cool! And yeah, travelling means a LOT of walking :p


  4. Gorgeous photos!
    Definitely agree, Europe is ALL walking... hope you have some trusty sneakers

    Have a fabulous adventure..


  5. These photos are so vivid and pretty. Europe sounds great!



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