day at the museum

You what Germany has a lot of? Other than stairs? (Never getting off it.) MUSEUMS.

None where things come to life at night, but you know, you can't have it all. 

They have museums for everything. Even things that don't really need museums. Like telephones. I mean, maybe a gallery, but a whole place to themselves seems like overkill. Just a bit.  We went to visit one of the oldest, the Liebeghaus, yesterday. I wish I could nail down the theme but it's just very...museum-y. There's a lot of statues, and some Egyptian artifacts, and some paintings, and Buddha heads. It feels very much like the living room of your distant relative who is an archeologist. One thing I did very much enjoy was the Ancient Greek collection - I've never seen that many representations of Athena (my namesake) that close together. I, of course, proceeded to put every security guard in the building on edge by leaning in thiiiiiiis close with my camera to catch the light right. #BloggerProbs, amiright?

One thing I have noticed is that, even in Europe, there are never young people in museums. WHY NOT FAM? They're GREAT. They've got mummies and stuff. If it's an art museum, they probably have really comfortable couches in front of amazing works of art that you can just sit and contemplate. Or pose for really good artistic Instagram photos. Your choice. Just think about it like this: museums are the only place in the world where the past exists in the present.

With that nifty little segue - my current present is 6k miles away from home, and YOU GUYS HAVE QUESTIONS. Understandable. I made my first proper sit-down vlog in...well, a while. I had to film it from a house plant, and there's a train in the background, but it happened. I appreciate if you'd subscribe so me editing hours of my face at that weird angle isn't in vain.

I have just realized that this was going to be an outfit post and I got completely off the point. Here is the point: this is the perfect museum-going outfit. I was tall enough to look into the eyes of the sarcophagus. I was not, how ever, grown up enough for that to not utterly terrify me.

x J

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  1. Love this - and what you said about museums being the only place where past is in the present is incredibly TRUE.

     On a Saturday

  2. "museums are the only place in the world where the past exists in the present." I just love that!



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