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all jeans: wild blue denim | photographed with fujifilm x30

Last month, Sallie and I snuck off to a very special secret shoot deep in Malibu. On the most beautiful location I've ever seen, with a dog named George and endless instagram opportunities, Sadie Robertson (yes, THOSE Robertsons) and I talked sky high shoes, the science of bandana tying, and the incredible importance of denim.

Wild Blue Denim, the geniuses behind both this shoot and the only pair of ripped jeans I haven't promptly wanted to rip off my body, are just getting started. I got a chance to peek through their debut collection (aka when everyone was paying attention to Sadie I ran through it) and was impressed. These are jeans for the people to live in. This was immediately put to the test when I managed to snag them on the stool I was sitting on, not once, but twice. There is none of the cheapness usually found in ~juniors~ brands. You know what I'm talking about. The "jeans" that are actually just scratchy plastic POSERS that you can see your knees through. Or, my personal favorite, the "high waist" that ends halfway between your waist and your high-waisted happiness. That game is done, I am calling a winner, and it's Wild Blue.

Watch this  *e x c l u s v e* behind the scenes video to get your own (totally legitimate and non sneaky) look at the new collection, which is dropping November 13th at Rue21's EVERYWHERE. INCLUDING THE INTERNET. Woo. You will also witness Sadie's attempt to bandana me with her own personal bandana, and what happened next.

Spoiler: my hair has a mind of it's own. But I guess we knew that already?

x J

ps. round of penguin clapping to Michael for catching all the good moments + Sallie for being my  extra silent momager. ily.

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  1. No one could blame you for looking through those clothes, they're awesome :) xoxo



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