time to go back

Full outfit c/o Kohl’s

Everyone likes to talk about the "first day of school outfit". But I want to draw attention to the fact that, since you have to go back after that first day, the "back to school" outfit is arguably much more important. These people are seeing you every day, after all, you can't let it go now. So when Kohl’s sent me out to track down a "Back To School" outfit in their stores, I took it VERY seriously. Like, two hours of shopping and a lot of hypothetical "what-if" scenarios SERIOUS. I also made a list of criteria the outfit had to meet: 

1. Aesthetically pleasing (obviously)
2. Versatile pieces i.e. you could use the stuff with other stuff to create more stuff
3. Situationally appropriate (I love heels, but the miles of halls in my school do not)
4. Comfortable, because why even wear clothes if they aren't
5. Easily customizable to your ~pErSoNaL bRaNd~

For my perfect 40th (nearly half through first semester) day of school outfit, I started with a black boyfriend tee, an easy basic. Then, I went for these very Leslie Knope-esque printed jeans. I snagged (literally) a burgundy cozy cardigan to a.) keep me snuggly and b.) add some color. Then I remembered that I am walking across campus approx. 8480382048 times a day, and how often my shoes are in my Starbucks snapchats, and went for the ultimate classic: white Chuck Taylor’s. This was the BEST sartorial decision I've made in ages. (And they were on sale.)

Now I will admit: I was not a super Kohl’s shopper and so not entirely sure what I was metaphorically walking into when I literally walked into my local Kohl’s. Now, my keen observation skills will be to your benefit. Here is what you will see: racks and racks and racks of things you want as far as your eyes work. Then, baskets, which you will use to collect all of your new treasure. On the racks themselves, little grey boxes of happiness displaying drastically reduced prices that are easily within the "Mum, I could wear this SO MUCH" range. Everything after that is just an enjoyable bout of shopping bliss. The place is an actual wonderland.

Ps: Criteria 6 for outfits: if you can't spontaneously dance in it for whatever vine trend is in right now, don't even bother. 

x J 

ps. friendly reminder: a gift card can't buy my love - Kohl’s compensated me for this, but I, like Drake, don't fake feelings. 

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  1. Beautiful as always, I don't go back for another week but I feel the need to start planning!x


  2. I don't start school until Tuesday, but this post is getting me excited :)))


  3. Perfect:) xx

  4. A comfortable outfit, a perfect choice for back to school and the beginning of Autumn too. Love it!


  5. my favourite piece was the oversized red cardigan. This blog post really makes me wish we didn't have a uniform. Loved it!

  6. you are so pretty!



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