into the fog | san francisco

all photos taken with Fujifilm X30

Here is the great thing about California: you are never very far from the ocean, and the cities that sit along it. I live in the North, where the Pacific gets a little dark, a little wild. If this were Game Of Thrones, it'd be wilding country. There's no place where that is better displayed than in San Francisco and the beaches surrounding it. Even when it's sunny, the fog is juuuust there on the edge waiting to literally roll over you and settle in your bones. When you get to the beaches, there's small pebbles instead of sand and the ocean is not a friendly thing to go play in, but rather a smashing reminder of exactly how small you are. It's my favorite kind of nature.

On Sunday, my family decided to take a day off, pack up, and hit the road to SF. We wandered around Chinatown, picking up lotus cakes from the Eastern Bakery, lucky cats in one of the countless tourist trap stores, and thai tea because I'm an addict. My brother got a mango-fusion-someting, and it was gross, so he wanted it noted that he does not recommend it. Then we went down to Fishermans Wharf where we got absolutely skinned for parking. Honestly, it's a car, not a small country. But the best fish and chips in the bay are down there, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do. We also stopped at the Musée Mécanique, which is basically a massive warehouse crammed full of all the old arcade and carnival machines of your dreams (and nightmares). A 113-year-old fortune telling machine told me I am great but also awful, and so to not be like that, which I appreciated. My dad got to see a warship and was really excited. Once we had been sufficiently abused by the throngs of British tourists (looking at you, dude who caught his GoPro in my hair), we went to the Marin headlands to sit in the freezing wind and wonder why on earth there were dolphins. That's right. I have no photos of this, but there were dolphins. Everyone saw them, so it wasn't something in my boba. I also climbed to the top of a massive rock edge but in every photo I look absolutely terrified in a "this is awesome but I might die" way, so I'm just gonna spare you I think.

In other exciting news: I forgot to take a jacket so I am now the proud owner of a neon pink "SAN FRANCISCO" fleece. I'm not mad about it.

x J

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  1. Nice:) xx

  2. San Francisco is on my bucket list, it looks absolutely beautiful there! Lovely pictures ;) x


  3. I've heard so many wonderful things about San Fran! also, Thai tea may be the best thing in the world!!



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