let's get cheeky

 I wear them, you (hopefully, if you're the person your mum and I have raised you to be) wear them.  Let's talk about underwear. I'll make it brief.

Underwear standards for women are ridiculous. Honestly. Society is trying to tell us that it is better to run about in ridiculously tiny knickers made of itchy fabric with rhinestones and lace and god knows what else. This is all a lie.  Because that is not comfortable + no way to treat ya bootay. But, as there always is when society is being silly, there is someone ~swimming against the tide~, in palm leaf printed briefs. Meet MeUndies. (Not MY undies, their name is "MeUndies", and they make MY undies. Clear?)

Lemme tell you - claiming to be "The Worlds Most Comfortable Underwear" is big talk for a small company out of LA. I was skeptical, to say the least, and determined to make them earn it. Thus launching two weeks of very serious underwear studies. (I can totally say this with a straight face too.) From their boyshorts to their cheeky briefs, I tried 'em all. Here is my conclusion: they're working black magic or something because these underwear are not a joke. Taking concepts from mens underwear (which they also make, so dudes, get at that. Girls like guys with nice underwear.) and combining their own secret techniques (voodoo?) they make underwear you wanna wear for life. Plus, they have really rad prints. Idk man, I'll take stripes and bright colors over silly slogans any day (Who is even reading those? Like really. Who?)

So if you love your butt like JLo loves hers, or if you're just sick of annoying underwear, get meundies. 

Not mine. Get your own. 
(Sorry, too easy.)

x J

ps. my talent for underwear puns has really come out these last few weeks.

pps. ((this is part of a series I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks on brands I love. Never forget my original promise - my love can't be bought with money or undies.))

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