oh shes a camping queen

 all nice photos taken with fujifilm x30 - all not nice ones taken with sketch iphone

I know my skin is under all the dirt and bugspray but by now it's pointless trying to get it off.

THE CAT IS BACK. I have returned from camp, and it was fantastic. Every summer it gets better and better. I mean, I could have done without the spot of extreme heat exhaustion, dehydration, and fever I went through, but you know. *Kanye shrug*. The things 11 year old girls will gossip about are unbelievable. They're all Kate Sanders - no one will ever get away with being an outfit repeater. Beyond that though, it's nice to just take a week out and not talk to anyone but the people across from you at the breakfast table. What is not nice is hitting signal on your way out and the subsequent phone heart-attack. I had 583 unread emails. No chill out here on the internet. None.

I keep waiting for the feeling of ~summer has started~, and so it was a total jolt for me to realize today is literally halfway through the year. There are only six more months of 2015 left, and I have sO MUCH TO DO. Pray for me.

There was ONE thing that happened last year that you guys probably forgot about: I went dark for one day in July. Like deep, dark, code black dark. All you guys had was a snapchat check in at Burbank airport. FINALLY, I get to tell you: I was having lunch with Gordon Ramsay for a new show on the BBC.

There's really no way to follow that up with a decent closer, so just click this and enjoy.

The overalls are thus preserved forever.

x J

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  1. I really liked the photos and I'm also waiting for the feeling of 'summer has started' :)
    / 21la.blogspot.com /

  2. Congratulation to your happy life.


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