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 As you guys know, waaaay back in January, I went on a whirlwind little trip to NYC with Madeline for a photoshoot with Teen Vogue, and we were in the May Issue. Now that all the dust/whatever else was in all that airplane air has settled, I can finally share my painstakingly detailed and slightly jet-lag tinged travel journal from the trip. Read on, padawan.


We hopped on a plane at midnight, thinking we’d arrive in time for an early breakfast, but alas, it wasn’t to be. (FYI: I never actually get breakfast at any point in this entire trip.) After being re-routed TWICE, (yo, winter storms? Not feeling you.) and hanging out in Philadelphia for a hour, we finally landed at JFK, just barely in time for lunch (which we also did not get) . Then it was straight to the Teen Vogue offices to start our shoot at One World Trade. After a quick tour, we headed out again to see the sights!  The neighborhood around the office is so cute, but our favorite sighting was a massive St. Bernard, because he was a dog, and dogs are great. After shooting, we got back to the office just in time to look around the famed fashion closet. I thought I had a lot of shoes, but let me just tell you - I’m a drop in the ocean. Once our time at Teen Vogue wrapped up, we went out in search of Starbucks and a subway to take us to the West Village. We proceeded to explore a local record shop, cuddling with their resident cats and picking up some vintage posters.  We also stumbled upon the Magnolia Bakery and had some of the BEST mini cheesecakes. I ate two, which is one and a half more than they recommend, and I regret nothing.  Dessert is always better to eat before dinner anyway. After doing some window - and then, actual- shopping, we took a taxi to Eatly. Pizza and pasta abounded, and travels to Italy were discussed. Finally, it was time to get to our hotel to rest up for the next day’s adventures!
 *Deep breaths*


Jet lag was not my friend when we decided to get up early so we could be at the Met when it opened - 8am New York time is 5am at home aka way too early amiright. We made it to the Met just in time to beat all the other tourists and see our favorite paintings before the crowds arrived. I’ve loved Monet since I was a child, and so getting to see some of his masterpieces in person was mindblowing. There’s an entire gallery with nothing but his paintings, and I could have probably moved in. We got lunch in the basement cafeteria (see? No breakfast.), but ate fast so we could go to the indoor statue garden. We spent five whole hours in the Met and never even made it to the New Museum. Back out on the street, we listened to a man sing some classics for a minute before walking down Madison Ave, wandering into bookstores and toy stores alike. (I got a copy of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, The Diamond as Big as The Ritz, and a tiny rubber flamingo.) Then it was time for..wait for it.. TEA AT THE PALM COURT. Exactly as Eloise said, tea at the Plaza is rawther fancy and absolutely beautiful. After a trip downstairs to the Eloise store, where I gate crashed two five year  olds' dress up time, and a quick walk around Fifth Ave, we went back to the hotel to change outfits yet again! (That's like three outfits already.) This time we set out to do some serious damage in the massive stores in Times Square. We took the obligatory “Hey look there’s massive screens all around us!” photo and even landed on one of the megatrons. We got some Starbucks (So much iced coffee people. So much.) and started shopping. Forever 21, H&M, Sephora, Gap, MAC. No one was safe. Once we has sufficiently worn ourselves out, we went on the hunt for food. We ended up in the sketchiest pizzaria in some rando alley, and got a slice each, but then decided what we REALLY wanted was chinese food. We proceeded to walk off the pizza in Times Square, then took a taxi back to the hotel, where our concierge informed us that there was a fantastic Chinese place less that a block from our hotel. Thanks dude. Great timing you got there. "Fortunately" (unfortunately) it closed in 15 minutes, and we had to RUN - shopping bags and all- for it. The food was worth every gasping breath (I don’t run.) Our night ended with us eating chinese food in bed, watching reality tv. The glamorous life.

We got up early (AGAIN. It was getting ridiculous.), packed up our stuff, and hit the streets in search of coffee and the Empire State building. We could see it from our hotel room, and used that as our guide. I didn’t get my coffee, but I did get the stunning view from the 102th floor. Fun fact - the elevators you take from the 86th floor to the 102nd are the originals that came in the building. They don’t tell you that until you’re already in and moving. Once we got back down (and over our dizziness), we went back to Fifth Avenue for FAO Schwartz, because we’re both 5 year olds. Every toy you’ve ever imagined and quite a bit more live there. The Toy Soldier standing at the door was the friendliest person we met on our whole trip, posing for photos and talking to every kid (grown ups too) who came through. We took a quick refuel at (of course) Starbucks, and then went back out for a bit of a ramble round Central park. It’s massive, and theres no way to see it all, but we tried. Then we walked back to where we started and headed through the doors of the legendary Bergdorf Goodman. I’m sure we saw plenty of beautiful things, but all I  remember is the swirl of Valentino on the second floor. Then it was off to Tiffany’s to look at more diamonds than you’ve ever thought could possibly be in one place. Finally, finally, it was time to go home. We picked up some ~tourist-y~ gifts, and headed back to JFK where our flight, a nap, and Melissa’s cupcakes awaited us.

 Have I mentioned that I don't like New York City?

x J

ps. yup, still at camp.  

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  1. I love this - and I love your writing. (You're one of the funniest bloggers I know of, and it literally makes me so happy whenever I see that you've posted something new!) Anyways, it's really cool that you got to do this for TeenVogue!

    On a Saturday

  2. I definitely need to visit New York :) xoxo



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