into the bugspray

 Shirt : abercrombie
jeans: gap
backpack: c/o baggu
sunnies: zerouv
shoes: moheda toffeln

Sometimes, for an entire shoot, I get distracted by a chicken coop, and then not a single photo involves my face. It happens to everyone. Right?

This shirt is the only thing I have ever bought from Abercrombie, and it's probably my favorite. That doesn't seem super important until you realize how many striped shirts I have. It's really soft, and slouchy, and has a perfectly measured v-neck. This round to them. I found the jeans at the thrift store for $7, tags and all. I have fully converted to the boyfriend jean train, mainly because it's way too hot for the second skin that is the majority of my jeans. I mean, I'm not Sophia Vergara yet, but those things are tight. These ones have the perfect amount of distressing mixed with actual durability, so they can stand up to my...adventurous lifestyle. (aka extreme clumsiness.) I've also just stopped carrying a purse? I don't know if I'm getting lazier, or more casual, or if I just have too much stuff, but it seems much more practical to carry around a bright poppy backpack. 

I'm off to my seventh year at camp today! (You can read about my sixth year here) I am very excited, but there is approx. -0000 signal out there, so I'm signing out for a week. Hey, I heard you sighing. Don't worry, this does not mean our usual hiatus/technical difficulties, because I have discovered something remarkable: planning ahead. Light your Orange is the New Black prayer candles and hope it works out for us.

Speaking of: Ruby Rose. That's all.

x J

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  1. Have fun at camp! Also, shoutout to that chicken in the chicken coop.


  2. I really need to watch Orange Is The New Black :) xoxo


  3. Striped shirts and boyfriend jeans are both bomb!! Have fun at camp!


  4. Cute outfit! I've been loving stripped shirts lately!!!



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