justina in the huntington's garden

all photos taken with a fujifilm x30

It was a gray and gloomy and slightly rainy day in LA (I know, rain in LA.) when Sallie and I got in our heels and went to the Huntington Gardens for tea. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because as we all know, people from LA melt in the rain, so it was dead empty all day. I proceeded to take so many photos of this gorgeous place that I felt they were deserving of their own post. Here are a few things that are great about this place:

1. The Tea House. Not only is it a buffet of tea food aka the best tiny sandwiches ever, it's set right in the middle of the herb and rose gardens, so no matter where you're sitting you get a gorgeous view. It's also a lovely little tea service, and everything was delicious. Trust me. I ate a lot of it.

2. The Palm garden. All of the gardens are beautifully kept, and have an incredible amount of Very Important Flowers, and loads of garden art from all over the world, but THE PALM GARDEN. There's so many palm trees, it's like a 1960's postcard from Hawaii.

3. The House/Museum. If you are interested in 17th century European art and portraiture (Sallie) or just like to poke around old houses looking at windows and floors and chandeliers (me), this place is the jackpot. It's the home of Mr. Henry E. Huntington himself, and his wife, Arabella, had really good taste.

If you find yourself in LA, and you get a bit done with all the ~touristy parts~ (I still haven't), the Huntington is open year round, and different things happen in different parts of the park. If you want to sip (not spill) tea in the rose garden, I'd make a reservation. 

As much as I love glitz n glam, and the flashier parts of LA, it makes me happy to know that places like this exist, where you can go spend a day with no cars, or billboards, or cell signal. Just talking, drinking tea, eating your weight in smoked salmon sandwiches, and playing with plants. Or breaking your shoe, if you're Sallie. 

That's the way to live,
with giant leaves on your head,
  and one broken shoe.

x J

ps. class and grace are all very nice but ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS BACK

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  1. These pictures are really pretty, can't wait to see more. Love your dress.xx

  2. so gorgeous, wow! I had never heard of this before, but now I'm in love with it. stunning photos!



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