LA LA LA LA LA (part 1)

HI GUYS. I spent a week in LA with Sallie and we both survived + are relatively unharmed. It's a miracle. (I definitely said it like this guy. You already know.) Basically, other than the fact that I discovered I am allergic to ~something~ in lasagna, I am winning at life. We went on some exceptionally exceptional adventures, even for us. Some were planned, most were not.  I'm probably going to be talking about it for quite a while, but we can get the bulk of the annoying "looking at someone else's vacation photos" part out of the way right now. If you already put up with the insufferable amount of photos I posted to instagram....you're tough. You'll make it.

If I may now direct your attention to the photos at the top of this post, ehemm:

1. Palm trees. Loads of 'em.
2. Sallies hat (and Sallie) at the Getty villa.
3. Some very snobby hipster lemonade with my very snobby hipster jeans. 
4. Sallies hat at the Getty villa, part 2.
5. "Your stupid elitist coffee" - the person who bought "coconut h20" aka coconut water aka SALLIE
6. Look, Sallie. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
7. I'd look SUPER cute working at the original in n out
8. The real horror story here is the traffic we got into trying to get to the murder house
9. If I ate nothing but Porto's potato balls + pina colada smoothies for the rest of my life I'd be happy
10. Making our way back home. 7 hours. 300 miles. One audio book. Not enough coffee.

The best part of adventures like this is all the little things that happen in between, like my discovery of thai tea (tapioca and some ice, please) and the eighty million times we heard/screamed at the top of our lungs/lipsynced "Shut Up and Dance". When I forgot to pack any stripes, so I had to buy some new ones. (That's my story, and if my mum asks, it's totally airtight.) The charming way in which Sallie rolled her eyes and sighed every time I looked at her with "Will you PLEASE take a photo of me for  (insert assorted media platforms here)" in my eyes. Little moments like that don't go in a scrapbook.

But they do go on Instagram AMIRIGHT

x J

ps. of course there's a part two, do you think I just added "part one" for fun? no.
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  1. looks like it was a wonderful summer getaway! gorgeous pics as always. I'm OBSESSED with Thai tea!!


  2. Love the first picture, palm trees make me happy! :)
    I've already planned that the first thing I will do when I visit LA for the first time will be to go to In n Out and get pressed juice, I just want to be immersed in the LA lifestyle.

    Fashionably Sparkly

  3. LA is awesome and palm trees rock xoxo


  4. Beautiful photos! Love the denim jacket :)


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