you wanna do something fun? you wanna go to in n out?//PROM 2014

dress: vintage//heels c.o. bc footwear//rings: c.o. stella and bow

ah, prom
What a wonderful night. 

You recreate Charlies Angels poses with all of your girlfriends.
 (minus one, who is across a rather large pond)

You get to eat hamburgers + french fries,
and make faces out the drive thru window 
at your favorite eating establishment.

You go watch a movie that involves Don Draper, India,
 and a rather unlikely plotline.

You fit six people in a photo booth,
 then decide polaroids are better anyways.

You discover that when it comes to air hockey, 
your tiniest friend is much more ferocious than her size and demeanor had led you to believe.

You defend your title as reigning Dance Dance Revolution queen in very high heels.

..and you do it all in a dress you found stuffed on the back of the rack in your thrift store 
that fit you perfectly from the very beginning.

Don't you?


ps. yes my eyeshadow is turquoise and
yes it is in homage to both this dress and betty draper.
newest trend of 2014: mad men barbie

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  1. Your hair looks absolutely amazing!! xox


  2. You look gorgeous! So vintage and chic!!

    xoxo Brie at chicvadourbyb.blogspot.com


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