one among the roses

#teenvogue shoes c.o. bc footwear//pants: romwe//shirt: vintage

so. bright.

My neighbors roses have bloomed, 
and so I'm once again exploiting their gardening talents for the sake of my photos. 
They don't actually know this so let's keep it between you, me, and the internet, okay?

It's actually too hot already for this outfit, 
which is depressing.
Dear Sun,
calm down.

However, it is never too hot for these shoes, which are my absolutely favorites.
Look mum, I can run in them!

I also wanted to apologize for my lack of regular posting,
 I am discovering that writing decent posts 
and graduating a year early from highschool
 aren't exactly complimentary activities.

But graduation is in a week 
and then that whole pesky problem of my primary education is out of the way,
 and we can focus on what is truly important: 
outfit posts.

Seven days and counting.

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  1. Wow those shoes are perfect height! I love them. And I was like wow, your neighbors are really nice to let you roam their garden! Congrats on graduation! Happy summer and outfits!


  2. You look like you've just stepped off a Parisian street! I love the shoes and definitely those jeans. Also a big congrats with graduating, that's so exciting X


  3. Love the entire look!! And congrats on graduating early! :)

    Brie at chicvadourbyb.blogspot.com

  4. Love the entire look! Fab as always and congrats on graduating early! :)

    Brie at chicvadourbyb.blogspot.com


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