go get your bae-rrito

You would think that after like 6 years (phwoar) I'd have figured out how to set up automatic posting properly. But alas, I haven't. I have, however, lived the last week in absolute bliss, thinking this post went up while I was away at camp. All sense of comfort is a lie, it's fine.

A few days ago, Jordan and I randomly had a weekend day off, which never happens, and a new burrito we wanted to eat, which happens fairly often. So we got in the car, and promptly got caught in traffic for three hours. Eventually though, we got to San Francisco and spent a very nice afternoon doing whatever we wanted. That means bubble tea in Chinatown, a late night showing of Wonder Woman, and a supreme burrito from La Taqueria in the Mission District. As I explained to my mother several times ("You're driving all the way there for what??") this burrito is special because...IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY RICE IN IT. For those of you not heavily invested in the burrito trade, this may not seem like a big deal, but it IS. No rice means more meat, more guac, more flavor. It all lived up to the hype.

More importantly, this day was about taking a break to spend time together and not really worry about anything. It's weird but I'm now one of those people whose life gets so busy and hectic that they need to schedule time out to chill and talk about superheroes. If I were going to write a self-help book (we'd all need therapy after that) I'd make ~making time~ the number one tip.

And eating burritos. 

x Justina

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  2. Crazy how life can get so hectic right? Anyways, glad you got to spend your weekend just relaxing and having a nice time. The pictures look great and the burrito sounds delicious. Now I'm craving a burrito haha. xx
    Coco Bella Blog 

  3. tbh what is life if you don't travel miles just for food? Haha great post n v lovely photographs! xx


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