where are the doors on this thing

shot by jordan + I, fujifilm x30 + goPro Hero4

I've had my head up in the clouds, but never like this.

LITERALLY TWO MONTHS AGO: AirBnB invited Jordan and I to go test out one of their new Experiences. If you haven't heard about these yet, they're basically activities you can book to do with a local from wherever you're traveling. They cover a range of things, from cooking and flower arranging to HARDCORE WILDERNESS CAMPING and, you know, helicopter flights with world-renowned pilots who, like you, are willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect Instagram shot. 

IT WAS SO COOL YOU GUYS. I have always loved flying, and along with a 45 minute flight, we also got to explore Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, which is a facility + community improvement program founded by our pilot, Robin. He's doing pretty cool stuff for Compton, the kids that live there, and a lot of our favorite rappers. His skill is in getting everything the first time around, and the minute I told him I was a lifestyle blogger looking for some classic "I'm-In-A-Helicopter-Mom" shots, he knew what to do. 

Since I didn't fall out, I'll have those photos forever. 

x Justina 

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