hiding out

photos taken with an iphone 7 because sometimes your batteries die

Finally, finals are over. I'm happy to report a 4.0 that only cost me a large chunk of my sanity.

That's kind of a joke, but also not really. I love school, and learning, but I also don't know when to take a break, and tend to run myself below the ground, all the way to the molten core of the earth, where I proceed to burn out. So I make up for it by going on little adventures whenever I can to do things just because I want to. This week, we took one of those trips, and headed a little ways outside of Reno to the Animal Ark Sanctuary. They rescue exotic animals that people buy off Craigslist/Walmart parking lots/their cousin's girlfriend's uncle's buddy and then dump once they realize there's a reason that's illegal. Especially on the West Coast, that's a big thing, so it's nice to support a place that's tackling a massive issue. It was also nice to get out of the car and be completely surrounded by nothingness and no signal. It was just me, Jordan, my new Teva's (which were making a very satisfying squishy noise in the gravel) and a couple of tiger cubs.

There's a lot of pressure all the time to do all of the things and document them with the perfect filter, but sometimes you just need a long drive and some sunshine.

x Justina

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