I don't think we're lost

Hey, remember me? I used to be your favorite (right?!?!) fashion blogger before I:
  • Went to London for a week
  • Got really sick
  • Had my finals week 
  • Broke my Macbook's wi-fi (no idea either) 
  • Slipped into the deep exhaustion of the Retail Worker During the Holidays
  • Found I needed, and was promptly subjected to, a root canal.
 I swear I'm still alive though. Barely. But it's all happening. I've got about thirty bajillion things to SHOW you guys (including me speaking at a business conference in a castle in leopard print boots). My midnight spark is lying around here somewhere under a pile of wrapping paper and graded assignments from three months ago. I'll find it. 

In the meantime, much like Christmas gifts for your family, 
please don't forget about me.

x Justina

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