wanna go to london?


When someone asks if you want to go to London, just say yes.

Two weeks ago, Sallie and I dragged our more than exhausted selves onto a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London, and fell into a blur of their Vera  entertainment system and color therapy lighting. Eleven hours later, we were in London, and we started doing everything you'd expect two 60 year old women on a three week tour of England to do. In 24 hours.

Here's where we went: 

- Buckingham Palace: An absolute must, and also, great gift shop.
- Victoria Station: Because it's very large, and we needed money and Oyster Cards.
- Paddington Station: Here's where you find my favorite bear. There is a Paddington bench, statue, trail, and SHOP. 
- Kings Cross station: Because Harry Potter magic is worth 45 minutes in line. Or at least that's what I told myself while standing in line for 45 minutes.
-Spitalfields Market: For the first time on our trip, getting something to eat.
- Poppies: Said place making something to eat, which was INCREDIBLE fish and chips.
- Oxford Street: Limited edition LUSH + Primark are all I need in my life. 
- The London Eye: I've ridden the Eye before and it's still one of the coolest things we did on the trip. If you can snag tickets, I 10/10 would recommend so you can see all the sights from above.
- Westminster Abbey + Parliament: They're a five minute walk from The Eye, right next to each other, and have a Tube station in from of them. Twenty thousand tourism points.
- The Tower of London: Much bigger than I anticipated, also extremely touristy and expensive, so just have a look around the outside and call it good.
- (BACK to)Spitalfields: Buying small cheap european goods at Tiger.
- Blixen: For when you want to eat lunch in a greenhouse in LA, when you are in fact in London. 5 stars to the cheesy mashed potatoes. 
- Covent Garden: Absolutely gorgeous, very crowded, and also where you find all the best cheap knick knacks. 
- Trafalger Square: Please look up the proper pronunciation of this before you, like Sallie, ask someone how long it'll take to get to "Trahfelgar".

This trip wasn't all fun and games, I was ~technically~ there to work, so we then headed to Watford where we stayed in a castle (The Grove Hotel), drank afternoon tea, and I talked about the changing face of media for young people. 

Really dry stuff there.

x Justina

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  1. aaah i've been so nostalgic of London now i want to go back even more !! I like your blog you seem very nice :)


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