feeling warm?

sweater: people's project LA
jeans: wild blue denim
boots: CAT
lipstick: colourpop 

As someone who's grown up in a state with a wide variety of them: trees are beautiful. I honestly can't even focus on what I'm doing in these photos because that tree behind me is so absolutely stunning. It's the perfect backdrop for this sweater. 

Let's talk about sweater ventilation for a minute. Mainly, why isn't it more common? I think the worst thing ever is when you're wearing a really cute sweater and then you get that gross ~prickly clammy feeling~ that means you're about to become the sweater. HOW AM I MEANT TO BE COMFY LIKE THAT? (And please, especially if you're my mum, do not suggest that I wear more weather appropriate clothing. That is not HELPFUL okay) This sweater from People's Project LA is maybe the way of the future. It's cozy in the front, breezy in the back. Also, as my aformentioned mother pointed out, "it's not cut like a potato sack". 

Note to self: potatoes are good. 
Dressing like one is not.

x Justina

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  2. lool I so get the sweater thing, since I spend half my life in turtle necks. luv your style and the photos! xox


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