gotta stash it all

overall dress: cotton on
t-shirt: cotton on
sneaks: converse
sunnies: TOMS

Overalls and I go way back, and most of you have witnessed it firsthand. As much as I love them though, there is always the slight chance that you look like a five year old. That's my usual day-to-day aesthetic, but sometimes even I feel pressure to dress like an ~adult~ occasionally. Hence, an overall DRESS. All of the pockets, with none of the playground jokes. 

I found this one from Cotton On a thrift store for $6 and if that's not a true American success story, I don't know what is. I've dreamed of wearing an outfit like this since I started blogging and first found my fashion alter in Swedish minimalism. Light wash denim, and monochromatic stripes are a match made in heaven, and I've been pursuing perfect combinations of  them this whole time.

Other things I've been pursuing: Pokemon. I only downloaded that stupid game to make fun of Jordan, but six days later I'm nine levels higher than I expected and have taken way too many walks to my local poke stops. It's problematic. I'm getting a TAN.

Although, I suppose if I actually were catching Pokemon, this would be an ideal outfit. All those pockets to stash 'em in, you know?

x J

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