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eye palette: stowaway cosmetics

Anyone who knows me also knows that at any given point in time you can find snacks, chargers for a range of electronics, the electronics they plug into, two smaller purses, and at least three Starbucks cards in my purse. It's very big, very heavy, and could support my entire life for up to two weeks. There's no base uncovered. There's also no relief for my poor shoulders, or the people I routinely smack with it. So every once in a while, just for laughs, I'll switch to my Small Purse. It's the exact size of a pocket in my regular bag, and forces me to "prioritize", aka dump the full cosmetics range I'm hauling at any given point.

That's where Stowaway got me with this eye palette. Not only am I always down for ~innovative  makeup solutions~, IT'S SO TINY AND CUTE LOOK AT IT. It's literally the size of a business card. I've managed to save several looks from slipping off completely with it, and it saves me having to explain my gel eyeliner at TSA ("no ma'am, it's not a liquid. swear.").

I was also pleasantly surprised by the color range. As a person whose skin tone is regularly described using a variety of coffee based-drinks, it can be really hard to find individual products, let alone palettes or collections, where I can use more than one color without looking frosted. The lightest color here is a shimmer, and worked as a bomb last-minute highlight. Major key to The Justina Look.

While writing this, my brother meandered out of the house with his keys, phone, and wallet in his pocket. Because he has real pockets on his clothing.

Life is unfair. 

x Justina

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