mixing it up

boots: CAT
shorts: H&M DIVIDED
shirt: Style & Co 
bag + sunnies: TOMS

The aesthetic of this outfit is definitely vodka mom in LA. You know, the one who has a solid colored Starbucks cup, enrolls her kids in "crystal therapy" at the local yoga studio on the beach, and takes out all her frustrations with life at SoulCycle. For further reference, check out my favorite instagram account, overheard in la

I'm not usually a patterned shorts person, mainly because until H&M intervened, I A. owned one pair of Levi's cut-offs that were getting the job done and B. always felt like they were too difficult to style for me to bother with. Also, due to my icy black heart, I am cold all of the time, and excessive skin exposure under freezing AC's is not a winning scenario for me. But now, the tables have turned. Mixing them in with my excessive chambray collection has led to a series of outfits that are summer-appropriate, but don't make me look like I maybe got dressed out of my laundry pile. (shh)

It's getting to that point in the summer where we're too far along to do "summer stuff" but also there's still another month until we go back to college. Honestly, I'm ready to get along to sweater weather and piles of pie. Or at least, I think I am right now.

Just wait until that first puddle soaks into my shoes.

 x J

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