sourdough and succulents

photos by Sallie DeYoung and Jordan Schauberger

Sometimes you just gotta pack up your homies into a shiny new Audi and roll out to the city by the bay. We bought baby succulents, sourdough bread, and dim sum. We also took photos of our legs in a Photobooth we were unprepared for, ate said sourdough after it was repeatedly dropped in sand, and stood in line at the succulent festival for a solid two hours with no food. It was a little traumatic.

I think it's important every once in a while to take a trip like this, for no reason other than the sheer enjoyment you get from the people you're with. San Francisco is a really cool city, but what made this day perfect was...well it was Sallie sobbing after Colton dropped her sourdough directly into the sand, to be honest. But also having a day where nothing needed to happen at all, other than the occasional snack break.  That's when the real fun happens.

Pro tip: If you drop bread fluffy side down in sand, it can still be salvaged by ripping that part off and feeding it to your local teenage boy.

x J 

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  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  2. I really want to visit San Francisco. These photos make it look even more dreamy!



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