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dress: american eagle
bralette: aerie

You guys know how much I love makeup. You've seen the snapchat hauls and the highlighter swooshes. I had bad cystic acne back in the day (a year ago), and in the process of healing it, taught myself how to sparkle my face to cover what were some truly horrendous scars. (Mad props to Cat, my former LUSH queen, for hiring me/saving my life there.)

But I passionately love my eyeliner. Especially my dramatic blackest-black wingtips that extend further than is probably entirely appropriate for any given situation. It makes me feel ~intense~ and ~fashion~. But during the summer, it also has a tendency to droop more towards the bottom of my eyes by the end of the day, and gives me this rather sad look. It is also very hard to go to a pool party and keep your eyeliner intact. That was the deal breaker. Something had to give.

So, as an experiment, I stopped wearing eyeliner. And then suddenly, stopped contouring. And strobing. And all those other -ing's that take up so much money and space in my makeup bin. Very quickly it went from an experiment in my ~self image~ to an extra thirty minutes in my day and I was like HEY nice. I got used to my face again. Not to say I'm putting away the eyeliner for good, because that would just be nonsense. But I had gotten to the point where I didn't really remember what I looked like without it. (Five years old.)

Also, Aerie? Makers of all things pretty and lace-y? STILL not photoshopping their ads.  Just because they're still trying to spread the word: the real you is beautiful. Not saying the you in false lashes and full contour isn't beautiful too, because  that version is actual fire, but you don't need it. I know that's a very mom-ish thing to say, but some(most)times, mom is right. I love glossy and no-hipbone having high fashion as much as the next blogger, but I'm not trying to buy a bralette off it, you feel? I think it's hard to go out and let the world see you, but once they do, they're down.

Other things I'm down for: swing dresses. It's too hot to be clingy in any way, but especially with fabric. I don't even care that I got called ""ma'am" today. Much.


x J

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  1. You are conducting a very nice block. But you do very little sharing. But you're a fluorescent. Your words and your outlook on life beautiful. Positive and promising. I wonder at your your lifestyle and culture.

  2. Such a lovely relaxed, casual look!


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