train of thought: feelin' cozy

hoodie:  american eagle

HI GUYS. I'm currently living out the other half of my double life at county fair, ankle deep in animal poop, bedazzled bootcut jeans, and farm boys. It sounds insane, but it's definitely my comfort zone. I've actually been thinking a lot about what makes me comfortable lately. Not just physically, like this hoodie, which is definitely sown out of fluffy clouds and good wishes, but mentally. *mom voice* I'm at a point in my life where I'm always exploring, and I feel like it's hard to put yourself in new situations, which can be uncomfortable, if you don't know what makes you comfortable in the first place. For me, being at fair surrounded by my 4-H family, animals, and lots of fried food is the perfect ~safe space~ balance to the rest of my life, where I'm constantly trying new things. I guess I'm trying to say that it's okay to have things in your life that don't change, because they're the anchor for all the things that do. 

I hope that paragraph still makes sense when my brain is running on more than 5 hours of sleep.
(6 am comes mighty quick when you go to sleep at midnight.)

x Justina 

ps. LOOK, A HAT THAT FITS OVER MY HAIR. Never thought we'd see the day. 

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  1. Love the sporty look.



  2. *-* I just found that blog but omg your style is totally rocking! You are fit looking by the way, any diet or exercise that you are doing and would recommend? :D loved your blog!


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