fun with hoodie

Are you having any fun?

No seriously, are you guys having fun? Are you having a good day? I DID.  I was in Hoodie Allens new music video today. Or rather, two weeks ago, if the video has come out when I think it will.  I'm currently writing this as Sallie and I drive away from the Youtube Spaces, where we spent the last five hours sitting behind Hoodie and consuming copious amounts of suspiciously preserved popcorn. That stuff was glowing. My movie date Tyler and I climbed about a bajillion stairs (it was the same five over and over, but still, my fitbit would have counted it) and made some solid wisecracks. Sallie and Josh snap chatted each other from their seats. We all began to memorize the same 30 second part of the song, but it's okay, because it's a classic Hoodie hit. 

You guys will remember (or maybe you won't) that I got to see Hoodie last year in SF on his People Keep Talking tour. The one with the cake. He was great back then, and is getting better now. Plus, in person, he's exactly who you think he is.  He's also one of those rare artists who has managed to completely preserve his thing while still ~evolving~Needless to say, I'm down with it. Or at least until we're not having any fun.

x J 

ps. #edvins 

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  1. You're so lucky! I was at the SF show last year too, he is so great live!!! Are you going to the one at the Fillmore?

  2. Coolio! How did that happen? :) xoxo


  3. Oh my god you're so incredibly lucky! Why are you so absolutely cool?!



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