lost angeles

all photos taken with a fujifilm x30 + instax | all video: goPro hero 4 

It is convenient when your resolutions line up with your own characteristics. i.e. my resolution to spend more time in the present lined up with my own laziness. Case in point - this week in LA, I didn't actually take any photos because I was so busy living it up with Sallie/not drowning in El Nino.  My new GoPro enabled me as well, because all I had to do was push the little button and sort of wave it in the air. BOOM. Moment captured.

Because I don't live in LA right now, every trip has to be a mix of work and play. This week, we visited every corner of the city, from MTV, to BC Footwear, to Hoodie Allen. In-between we drank a ton of coffee, Sallie allowed me to put my life in danger for a photo, and I inflicted G Eazy's new album on her everytime the AUX cord was handed over. It was weirdly warm, and we went to a massive art museum where the best piece was the view.

Short list of cool things to check out:

1. Portos. I say it every time because I go every time. Shoutout to the homie Michael for always coming through with the extra whipped cream. 3614 W Magnolia Blvd

2.  Urban Outfitters Surplus Store. Basically everything is priced at the prices it should be to start with, and I LOVE IT.  14608 Ventura Blvd

3.  The Getty Museum. (Not to be confused with the Getty Villa). This is the kind of museum you want someone to take you on a date in because it's just so aesthetically pleasing. Don't miss/fall off the back balconies.  1200 Getty Center Dr

4. Paul Smith Melrose. (This is the pink wall you've been dreaming of.)

5. The Griffith Observatory. I wrote about this place, and why it's my good luck ritual, but I didn't talk about how amazing the actual observatory itself is. Lets just say it's... out of this world 2800 E Observatory Rd

 I don't think I'll ever completely get over LA, 
or the fact that I paid $9 for a bottle of juice at Alfreds. 

x J

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  1. I'll have to save this, I'm visiting LA in August and I CANNOT WAIT!

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. I love your videos (and the G-Eazy in the background!!!).


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