college crashing

Fun thing I like to do: not go to school for a really long time, then sign myself up for loads of classes and slowly die. 

Last time, it was eight years, this time it was seven months.  Honestly, even if it's only the three week holiday break, going back to school is rough. This time, I decided to stop making it harder on myself, my skin, and my battery life. I also wanted to hear out your guy's request for more lifestyle posts. In order to do both of those things, I had to survive syllabus week. These are all the things that keep me moving (Sallie not pictured)

+ TOMs leather tote. For a long time, I resisted having a proper tote bag because I KNEW I'd accumulate extra crap to fill it up with. My shoulders weren't down. But now that I'm back at school and the crap is mandatory, this tote is my new best friend. It's soft leather, but durable and has a structure to it. (ps. it also supports a safe birth for a mother in a developing country)*

+ SKINNY-DIP LONDON computer shell. Fun fact - when you pay upwards of $1.5k for a laptop, you don't just toss it in with your keys and pray for the best. This case is protective, but also not too bulky, and it's SPARKLY.*

+ NUUNA notebook. I picked up a couple of these when I was exploring Germany, and they're honestly all I write in anymore. Handcrafted by people who know what they're doing, it makes me feel like a proper writer.*

+ MOPHIE Juicepack. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING. I can't even tell you how many instagram posts and witty tweets have been saved by this case since I got it last week. It has also enabled me to listen to When It's Dark Out on repeat for several hours.*

+ HAPPY PLUGS headphones. Because the worse part of college is all the other people.*

+ URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray. "A 9AM yoga class is a great idea! " - a real thing I said. So far, this stuff going on like cement setter, and I'm into it.*

+  LUSH Ocean Salt + Bubblegum lipscrub.  I don't care how awful my classes are, if my skin is fresh and my lipstick is still on, it's lit.*

+ KUR protective top coat by LONDONTOWN. Another thing I don't have time for (besides sleep) - waiting my nails. This is the best top coat I've ever found, and it's not only surviving school, but work too. (I work at lush. I literally wash my hands as a job.)*

+ NYX soft matte lip cream -  this is just because theres no such thing as a lipstick setter. I think? Must research.*

There you have it -  how to survive and still look like you're trying.

x J

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  1. "The worst thing about college is all the other people" :) xoxo


  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

  3. I am loving everything especially the tote bag and Lush stuff ! Got to love Lush :) xx


  4. Hey, what camera did you use? The pictures are GORG! <3


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