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pyjamas + yawn london*

When I was in England, I procured a great appreciation of British behaviors. Tea drinking, wellies wearing, and PYJAMA DWELLING. Spelling it "pyjama" instead of "pajama" or (ugh) "jammies". Seriously. When was the last time you had a proper set of pyjamas that you wanted to artistically wander around your house in?  I know the whole "undies and a tshirt is enough" argument Americans like to pull, but that's just because we've been DEPRIVED. We may as well have dumped  better sleep in the bay with the boxes of tea back in the day. After London, I simply had to have my own pair, and since American's would insist on covering everything in camo or sports logos, I went to the source.

YAWN is a cute lil company based in London that's focused on the moment, not just the clothes. They're all about cuddling, coziness, and equipping people with the proper apparel for those activities. Also, they believe in pockets, which you know got me hooked. Gotta keep snacks somewhere. Just looking at these photos makes me want to put them back on and take a nap.

Pyjamas aside, what I love about this company is that they represent something I think we all struggle a little bit with now: taking time out to appreciate little moments. Their motto is "phone off, kettle on, pajama time". When was the last time you ignored snapchat to finish your chapter? Or drank a cup of anything NOT out of a travel cup? I'm basically surgically attached to my phone and am a Starbucks gold card member until 2019 due to my inability to find time to make myself a cup of coffee. Today was the first time in three weeks I've been in bed for a straight eight hours. It's not healthy, but it is normal. We all move so quickly now that we forget that we ever slowed down.

My brilliant idea for a closing line was "see you in your sleep" but then I realized how utterly terrifying that sounds and decided that a simple "sweet dreams" will do.

x J

ps. Speaking of slowing down: it takes ages for me to scan instax but don't these photos look dreamy? 

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  1. Wow...it look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  2. As a Brit, I can categorically assure you that pyjamas are an Important Thing and an Official Outfit, for some people. :) xoxo


  3. yawn sounds so cute! I've always wanted matching, comfy pjs, so I'm gonna have to check that out! Great portraits too xxx

  4. Wow. Perfect photos with the perfect outfit. The pics look so cute and comfy.

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