merry meundies


Do you feel sufficiently panicked? Are you considering buying people underwear for christmas just to avoid the mall? GOOD. You're in the right headspace now.

 I wrote about MeUndies a while back, but when I was settling on what I really wanted for Christmas, (other than loads of sriracha) I decided to be real with myself. Makeup trends will come and go, but I'll need underwear forever. As will literally anyone you're shopping for. So here is my official christmas gift of 2015: a MeUndies Design of The Month subscription. That's right. Give the people what they actually need/didn't yet know they wanted: a new pair of snazzy underwear every month. Especially if they're college students. Trust me. 

I would also like to talk about these joggers they've got (that I am currently wearing) because of their pockets. If you have been reading this blog for a while you know of my issues with pockets. They're rarely existent on girls clothes, and are never deep enough/in a proper spot/practical at all. Yet, in the spare time they had between releasesing crazy new designs and styles every month, MeUndies decided to make ridiculously soft pants for women with proper pockets. Revolutionary.

The moral of this all is, as my brother so eloquently puts it:
"You can't buy my love, but you can persuade my butt."

x J

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