happy birthday silly

The last time I saw Sallie before she went to college, 11pm

A lot of you only know Sallie from passing references, Seventeen articles, or, on the rare occasion that we're together, a flurry of snapchats and instagrams. She serves as the backroom editor of my life, spends dubious amounts of time reading your guys' comments, and goes to photoshoots where she bosses people around and eats their snacks. There's a short story behind how we met, but it mainly involved us being practically the same person, a larger force that didn't like that, and me being 50% right about how much she hated me. That's a good one, but I prefer the story of the moment I decided she was going to be my best friend.

 It was July 27th, 2014, and I'd just wrapped up filming Matilda and the Ramsey bunch. I didn't actually know anyone in LA, so on a complete whim I called Sallie and was like "Hey, we don't really know each other, but I'm in LA for the next four hours, you live in LA, lets hang out with our moms." She gave me the name of a restaurant in Burbank (some of you have probably already guessed where) and, to make a long story short, we ended up in a back booth at Portos eating potato balls and pina colada smoothies (her recommendation) next to Greer Grammar. Anyone who suggests meeting at a restaurant that makes fried mashed potatoes is the kind of person you want around always, and she has been ever since. 

Today, she turned 18, and I decided to write about her in our favorite time to do anything:
 the absolute last moment.

10 things I would like to say to and about my best friend in the last minute of her 18th birthday.

1. Thank you for always reading the blog posts I send you at 2am
2. Every time someone asks "who does that?" I think of the time you started screaming in the car on the 5.
3. You're the second best momager I have.
4. Anytime I drink thai tea, I remember when I drank it for the first time and you were scandalized.
5. You are the Abby to my Olivia. (See what I did there.)
6. Never forget to never take wooden nickels. They're everywhere. 
7. No one in this world is as obsessed with Lululemon leggings and Starbucks Passionfruit tea as you. The back of my mums cars still has the stains to prove it.
8. The quantities of Teavana you consume are alarming.
9. One time, your shoe broke right before we went to tea + I can still picture the face you made exactly.
10. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Remember when you didn't want to watch The Office? Remember when you were so wrong about that?

Happy birthday weirdo

x J

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