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all photos taken with a fujifilm x30 

waaaaaaaaay up I feel blessed

When I was in London, I was invited to ride the Coca Cola London Eye, which is easily one of the most iconic symbols of not just London, but of England.  As you all know, one of my favorite ways to see cities is from above, and if I can do it from a Ferris Wheel, even better. I dragged Ellie along to identify things for me, and up we went.

WAY WAY WAYYYYYY UP. Seriously. 443 feet, which doesn't seem that high until you're up there. Once you are though, you can see the entire city. I was a little worried that by going at night I wouldn't be able to see as much, but I was entirely wrong. I can't really explain the feeling of realizing that you are this tiny person, standing on this giant wheel, in the middle of  a gorgeous city you've wanted to see since Harry Potter hit your hands, on the other side of the world.  For a minute, looking out at all the lights, it could be any city. Then you see Westminster Abbey and HEAR Big Ben,  and you know exactly where you are. Once your ride is over, you've picked up your photos, and  meandered through the two quality gift shops, head over to the free 4-D Experience. Trust me. I know it doesn't seem like something you HAVE to do but it really is. Especially if you're going at night, this is the best way to experience what it's like during the day.  Plus there's a little surprise at the end that I'm not going to ruin.

Over all, the Coca Cola London Eye is everything an iconic tourist attraction should be. Even if you're only going to do it once, do it. I went on my last night in England, and it really pulled the whole trip to a perfect close.

Plus it moves so slowly, I was BARELY motion sick at all.

x J

ps. The Coca Cola London Eye is open through December 30th, barring Christmas Day. Tickets + info can be found here: https://www.londoneye.com

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