a touch of primania

all photos taken with fujifilm x30 

I'm going to miss a lot about Europe, especially London, but Primark is up there in my top five. 
The amount of money I spent there is incredibly embarrassing, but British pounds look like Monopoly money to me so I can almost pretend it wasn't twice as bad. Primark, for their part, recognized and rose to the challenge with an invitation to their Spring/Summer collection press preview. I was more excited than if I'd gotten an invite to Princess Mia's slumber party (still down for that though, if anyones offering). So with my new BFF Ellie in tow, we walked (terrible idea) across town Thursday night.

As Ellie put it, this is what Primark should ALWAYS look like. Beautifully lit fabrics making up collections with a clear aesthetic. The womenswear was adorable and the "California" collection wasn't the usual cringe affair I expect when people draw inspiration from my home state (there was even a pair of overalls ayeee). It was heavily 70's influenced on one end, and a little more floral pixie on the other. Nice.

I spent the majority of my time really aggressively investigating the menswear collection, because it was actually sO GOOD. Usually, guys clothes is where a lot of retailers drop the game, mainly because they think guys just...don't care. Judging by the way my guy friends run around, they've probably got a point. But I was impressed by the evident love that went into making pieces that went beyond the standard graphic tee and board shorts. My favorite was a blue cloud printed button down that was paired with this rad denim jacket. It was a clean look that wasn't overly complicated. My hypothesis is that if pieces like this were seen more often, it'd lead to better dressed guys. Science.

Primark, I'm going to miss you.

x J

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  1. I SO wish there was a Primark in America! This collection looks so perfect and dreamy. Such a cool opportunity for you too-- congrats for attending!!


  2. Such a wonderful review dear! Have a great weekend! xx


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