dress : black swan
cardigan: c.o living doll la
shoes: moheda toffeln
backpack : c.o sunny dushanka
tattoo: tattly


I am not nearly decisive enough for a real tattoo. I'd be done with it in about ten minutes and by then it's too late. Amen for Tattly.

IT'S STILL COLD. IT. IS. STILL. COLD. I honestly am so confused and not entirely sure how to act, so I've adopted that well known British adage: "Keep calm and carry on wearing your summer dresses as though all is normal." Of course, due to the fact that it is freezing, I have had to adapt, but that's what cardigans are for.

School is almost over. I'm a little bummed out about it, because I actually truly and honestly enjoy it. Alas, it is time to move on to other adventures far, far, far away from a classroom. (How was that for a suspense set-up?) As the classes wind down, so does my will to carry my schoolbooks, so I've just ditched them entirely and kept the backpack. It's worked out much better for my back.

How's everyone's life? Are we making it through finals okay? Are you pumped for the last day of school/graduation/whatever is happening for you right now? Are you snacking regularly?  No matter what's going on, just remember:

the summer is full of glorious sleep.

x J

 ps. idk I thought it was funny because I'm allergic to gyms and it was an easy pun and I'm sorry

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  1. Lovely outfit! I really like how the backpack stands out!


  2. I love this dress on you. v ready for summer, 2 weeks of school left for me!


  3. I LOVE cardigans! They are my go to fashion staple :) Great blog you are so pretty!
    -Jenna <3
    Check out and follow? The Chic Cupcake

  4. I've just had my graduation day on Friday, so yeah, I totally get the leaving-school-is-nostalgic thing. And that dress is to die for :) xoxo



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