a sweater in the summer

sweater: american eagle
jeans: levis
sandals: c.o. moheda toffeln

Do you know what happened today? It was scarring, emotionally off-putting, and quite frankly, shocking.

 It. was. cold.

It was 55 degrees when I woke up. It doesn't even get that cold in the ACTUAL winter, let alone MAY. I was rather unsure of how to deal with it and so stayed in bed for an extra hour. Once I decided to get up, this is the outfit I decided on. The ripped boyfriend jeans were in defiance to the weather, because it is meant to be summer, and Mother Nature needs to get her life together. The sweater was because there was a breeze straight off the Arctic. 

My fave youngin's, Maia + Aiden, came to visit me from Bermuda and brought me this rad piece of blingy-ness. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I like it. I also really, really, really like this bun. It is a bun of art. I'm not clear on how I did it, and will never be able to recreate it, so lets just enjoy it now. That sunbeam certainly was. If you're curious: I am not intentionally rocking the Kylie-Jenner-pre-temporary-lip-fillers look, but I am rocking it all the same.


There is nothing better than that statement so lets just end it here.

x J

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  1. Aah, that bracelet is coolio sweet! And yeah, cold in summer=why, nature? Why? :) xoxoxo


  2. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! the coloring and the bun, it is just beautiful. Also, this look is wonderful and casual but still stylin. you rock.



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