take it into the dark

All praise the $4 sale rack at H&M.

I fought this crazy woman off at 10pm in Times Square for this dress and I regret nothing. It's so light and swingy, and y'all KNOW how I feel about light swingy dresses. The warmer it gets, the less (time I want to spend on) clothing I feel like dealing with. Things I DO feel like dealing with include:

* You
* Being in TEEN VOGUE. That's right - THAT'S what I was doing in New York. And y'all though I couldn't keep a secret. Go get an issue - flip past all the interesting people until you see ME.
* Wearing the same dress for five days in the name of SCIENCE. And Seventeen Magazine.
* This 100% I just got on a group project at school
* Still you.

 I have two WEEKS left at school, which is crazy. I don't feel old enough to have been in college a year. I mean, technically I'm not, but...oh god, let's spare ourselves the headache. How's life? Everyone ready for summer? Remember: you don't need to worry about a beach body, you need to worry about snacks that will still taste good with sand in them.

California cooking 101.

x J

ps. may the forth be with you. *wink wink*

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  1. I saw you on the Teen Vogue website and I got really excited! Well done Justina :)


  2. Nice look:) xx

  3. Cool dress. And congrats on being in Teen Vogue! :) xoxo



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