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Pretty dresses are kind of important. Do you think Prince Charming would have been half as down to go chasing all over the place looking for some girl if she'd been wearing glass shoes and a velour track suit? NOPE. What if Mia Thermopolis had been crowned Queen of Genovia in some Levi's and "gangsta rap made me do it" crop top? NOT ACCEPTABLE. No magic can happen when you look like your rolled through an Urban Outfitters trash bin on your way out. In all fairytales, however, whether based in small European countries or "real life", a fairy godmother is around to amp up the #ootn game. That's where I come in.

I'm teaming up with the fairies at Unique Prom to give one of you lucky ducks a lil' something snazzy to hop out of your pumpkin/parents car with at prom. That's right. This pink and pretty and overall very 80's prom dream dress could belong to you. All you have to do is find your own tiara, because I sure as heck ain't handing over mine.

RULES (no curfew involved):

1. Follow @unique_prom and @abentpieceofwire on instagram!

2. Regram a photo from this post, tag both @unique_prom & @abentpieceofwire and #uniqueprom 

3. Tag 3 of your faves! 

One entry per day, per girl. We'll announce the winner on Tuesday, March 31st, and then someone's dancing the night away in a very magical dress indeed. Might even get a foot pop in.

x J

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