but can you throw them


clogs c.o. moheda toffeln
jeans c.o dstld
shirt: j. crew
jacket c.o element eden
purse: new look

 Okay, nobody freak out or anything, but - I GOT CLOGS. SWEDISH ONES. FROM SWEDEN.

Basically, they're super legit.  

They are also really cute, very comfortable, and most important, make that fantastic loud clopping noise that was the soundtrack of my childhood. As a kid, I ran the streets in brightly colored Hanna Anderson clogs that were great for all adventures, finding me (thanks to the aforementioned noise) and throwing, in order to express a wide range of emotions. I didn't have any for a long time, but now thanks to Moheda Toffeln, I am BACK and ready for summer. 

I have just realized that these photos make it look like it's like 60 degrees or something. You know, cold. It wasn't. It was a brisk 75 in Cupertino. I just like wearing this jacket, regardless of the weather. It's got all the good stuff, because it's from the homies at Element Eden who, as we all know, are practicing the dark arts. Pockets, ties, a militant collar. The basic necessities.

I would also like to thank you all for the lovely comments about my crazy week on my last post and for not jumping ship on me. You the real MVPs. Or maybe you just can't swim.

*clomps around in a happy dance*

x J

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  1. please post a video dancing an irish jig in these



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