take me to the river

All photos taken with Fujifilm X30

Last week Yanna and I decided to wander downtown for sushi, selfies, and  candy testing. We ended up doing all of those things as WELL as getting a shoe stuck in a railroad track, eating American Fries, and taking our rendition of "Blank Space" to the river. Literally. In the 20's they would have given us our own boat.

This week has been 500% certifiably insane. Two exams, one of which was apparently a midterm (surprise surprise), three 4-H meetings, and nOT ENOUGH BLOG POSTS. But like Prince, I always come back. Usually wrapped in sequins.

x J

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  1. This post is fantastic! :)
    <3 Katie

  2. I love your outfits! That kimono is adorable :)


  3. awww, love the floral kimono!

    good luck with a stressful week! Hope it won't be so stressful anymore :)

  4. wonderful pictures as always!!



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