two pieces of work

shirt and pant set c.o. element eden
purse : new look
shoes : havent the slightest
sunnies : zerouv

I'll admit it: I wasn't feeling the matchy-matchy set thing when everyone else was. I just couldn't see myself running around in a "structured" crop top and skirt. The pants ones were even worse, with some abstract top deal and then ADULT WOMAN pants. You know what I'm talking about. But of course, because they're magic fairies who possibly dabble in whatever black magic they need to always churn out such good stuff, the girls at Element Eden have gotten me hooked with this fun deal from their collaboration with Wildflower. This button down vaguely reminiscent of my Iowa plaid, but a little more fun and guuurly. True to their skater roots, it's also made out of a nice thick material, so if you fall off a skate board (or, more likely if you're me, thin air) your limbs are safe from scratches, or worse, tears. The pants are cut in a sort of tapered jogger, and I was honestly at such a loss as to how to dress them, because I am weird about ankles, but they just sort of...worked. They're also made of a nice soft cozy material that doesn't cling to you like it's related to plastic wrap. All day I felt alternately like I was cheating, because hello, these are socially acceptable nearly-pyjamas, and like I was the most sophisticated person alive. My clothes match more than your clothes na na na na na na.

This outfit was definitely a step outside of the box for me, which is strange, because it seems so simple. My immediate instinct when I saw the shirt was to grab my levis and my cowboy boots and go... well, as full country as I can. (Closer to half than full) But now that I've worn it, it's beginning to grow on me. Don't expect to see my belly button any time soon though, I've outwaited Taylor Swift.

x J

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  1. I LOVE this outfit so much! It looks great on you :)


  2. That's probably not something I would have gone for either But you are making me believe in the power of a set!
    Looks great :)


  3. super:)) xx

  4. I like this outfit! thought I can see why it feels out of the ordinary for you. I usually don't wear these types of shirts myself. it's cute! :)


  5. I love the little flowers on the shirt! :) It looks so unique with the plaid!
    <3 Katie


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