Justina's thoughts from the oscars

 This years Oscars were both the weirdest and best award show of the season yet. Buzzfeed favorited + retweeted me twice, which should tell you everything you need to know. But now, our favorite part : the real talk thoughts. This version is not only extended, but if you click the number, you'll find a corresponding live-tweet. Snaz-zay As always, in a no-particular-order particular order. 

1. Yo, Neil Patrick Harris, I'm really excited for you, and imma let you start, but Ellen had the best Oscars of all time. *kanye shrug*

2. I didn't watch the red carpet but I already know Emma Stone's dress is the best.

3. HAH I was right.

4. I never think musical narrative opening monologues are necessary, but if they have to exist, NPH should do them all.

5. I feel like Wes Anderson is playing some massive joke and that bellboys with pastries singing 60's beach music are going to pop out of my television.

6. Emma Stone told Al Roker her dress was "guacamole". Unclear if color description or new slang.

7.  This polish director got music'd off, then music'd back on, and never broke his speech. He's a legend.


9. If you ever think your life is bad, just remember out there somewhere is a person who seated Oprah five rows back at the Oscars.

10. Why is this award show so long? Don't these people want to watch Downton Abbey?
 11. The Rock + Zoe Saldana are my new OTP and no one can change that.

12. Terence Howard doesn't feel emotions - he IS the emotions.

13. Meryl Streep will outlive us all. 

14. Common + John Legend = best speech/suits/performance of emotionally charged content.
      (I know I wasn't the only person out here who had no idea who "Lonnie Lynn" was.)

15.  I forgot Gaga could sing, and it took the Sound of Music to bring me back.

16. Julie Andrews can be the Queen of any country I live in whenever she'd like.

17. Graham Moore is the smoothest man out here and managed to bring the realest moment of the night in less than a minute.

18. Inarritu. Inarritu. INaRITtu. InariTTU. 

19.  Eddie Redmayne is adorable in so many ways but The Theory of Everything was heart-shattering.

20. Neil, no one cares about your predictions. No one. Least of all Octavia Spencer.

Final thoughts:
1. Where is Jennifer Lawrence???
2. Ellen did it better.

x J 

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  1. Your award show posts are always so good! :)
    <3 Katie


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